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Entry requirements - must hold a basic dermal filler certificate 

1 day course - 10am - 6pm 


Group Class - 4 students : £500 (£200 deposit)

2 models will be provided for each of you 

One to One Class - £1000 (£250 deposit)

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On the day of the course we will complete all theory for the above subjects and life models for Russian lips. All models will be provided for you. 

You will be added to a support group chat where we provide you life long support and guidance for any questions or support you may need. In the event of an emergency you can rely on us to be your emergency contact to provide emergency treatment or advice at anytime for you and your future clients 

• Managing complications and emergency


• Elective and emergency hyaluronidase

• Product recommendations 

• Fanning and tenting injection techniques 

• Marketing and picture tips 

Our course includes...


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